The Museum plan offers the possibility of choosing a variety of routes, according to the time available and one’s interest in taking an in-depth look into the themes proposed. Each route is equipped with audioguides and videoguides available on request, produced according to criteria of scientific rigour and with great attention paid to the comprehensibility and enjoyability of the historical content.

The various levels of communication (from the simplest and most immediate for the general public, to an average and then advanced level for the more expert visitors) are always present in every room.

Short tour (about 45 min.)
In simple, accessible yet serious language, the thread that has guided the general exhibition unwinds through the description of three particularly significant objects in each of the 30 rooms, starting from the room symbol, chosen for its historical and narrative importance.

Standard tour (about 90 min.)
With the same criteria as the short tour, the comments illustrate 210 objects, about seven per room.

In-depth tour (about 120 min.)
With the same criteria as the short and standard tours, the comments illustrate 288 objects, about ten per room.


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