Office for Education and Learning
tel. 011 562.3719 / 011 562.1147  -  Tuesday-Thursday 10.00-13.30.

Visiting the Museum
The Museum educational services offer tiered learning experiences during the visit to the Museum, tailored to the different learning needs of primary and secondary school students. The Museum themes and contexts are explained and dealt with by the Museum guides, who have all been trained in Museum Studies and Education and specialise in Italian and European History, History of Art and Civic Education.
We also offer guided tours for foreign schools and intercultural-exchange students from France, the UK, Germany and Spain.
Museum Admission for teachers is free.

Advance booking is necessary
Booking Office: tel. 011.5623719 (Tuesday-Thursday 10.00-13.30)
Online Bookings (only for standard tour)
Tours with specific themes and workshops must be booked directly with the Education and Learning Office

Teachers Special
Free induction and guided tour of the Museo del Risorgimento di Torino for teachers.

Teachers Specials must be booked in advance by calling 011.5623719 (Tue-Thu 10.00-13.30).
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